About the Morph Fire

Morph Fire is a revolutionary converter, turning your paintball gun into an insanely powerful 600 fps BB machine gun.

Morph Fire converts your paintball gun into a BB gun in less than 60 seconds, works with nitrogen, CO2  or compressed air and is made from monster-strong, long-strand glass-infused urethane. Morph Fire is FAST! It can both load and fire 260 BBs before a comparable BB gun is even loaded.

For paintball enthusiasts 
Morph Fire offers sport versatility and lets you shoot significantly cheaper ammo.

For Airsoft fans
Morph Fire gives you speed. Dependability. And, most of all, Power! This converter fires at a cyclic rate of 900 BBs a minute and shoots a .12g BB up to 600 feet per second. And everyone knows a paintball gun is far more dependable than an airsoft gun.

Morph Fire is AIR HARD!


Tech specs
• Made of monster-strong, long-strand, glass-enforced urethane
• Velocity: .12g 600+FPS, .20g 550+FPS 
• Cyclic rate: 900 BBs per minute
• Conversion time: under 60 seconds
• Works with nitrogen, CO2 or compressed air
• Attach all the lasers and sights you want
• Works in all weather conditions
• Converts back to your original Paintball gun in seconds
• Made in the USA

Converters available for the following Units:
Planet Eclipse
EGO 06, EGO 7, EGO 8, EGO 9, EGO Ten, EGO 11, EGO LV1; ETEK, ETEK2, ETEK3, ETEK4; SL74, SL8R, SL94, SLS, CSL.

Fits 2008 or newer Fenix, Electra, Pilot, Sonix, Xtra, Victor and Aggressor.

A5 and 98


"It took about five minutes for me to say “I had no idea I wanted this, but I’m keeping it!”  
- Paintball X3

"We were pretty dubious about the Morph Fire... and then we shot it. It's SO MUCH FUN" 
- Hustle Paintball

"Oh, wait, it uses standard airsoft MP5 mags, which I have a lot of. I'm sold. Shut up and take my money!" 
1LT Phantom


Ryan Levin or Greg Dove



Press Fact Sheet: PDF
Morph Fire Logos: EPS / JPG 
Photo Morph Fire: Color 
Demonstration: Youtube
Commercial: Video


November 2013

Hustle Paintball reviews Morph Fire 
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October 2013
Paintball X3 reviews Morph Fire 
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September 2013
Morph Fire introduces the Spyder 
converter at Hell Survivors in 
Pinckney, MI.