Get Your AIR HARD on in less than 60 seconds!

Morph Fire - a Paintball to BB gun converter.

This revolutionary converter kit turns your Paintball gun into an insanely powerful BB machine gun.

At 600+ fps... there's nothing SOFT about it.
• Fires 6mm metal, glass, or plastic BBs
• Velocity: .12g 600+fps, .2g 550+ fps
• Cyclic Rate: 900 rounds per minute
• Magazine Capacity: 260 6mm BBs
• Works with nitrogen, CO2 or compressed air
• Works in all weather conditions
• Converts back to your original Paintball gun in seconds



More on Morph Fire

Converters available for the following Units:

• Fits 2008 or newer Spyder Fenix, Electra, Pilot, Sonix, Xtra, Victor and Aggressor.

• Fits the following Planet Eclipse models: EGO 6, EGO 7, EGO 8, EGO 9, EGO 10, EGO 11, EGO LV1; ETEK, ETEK2, ETEK3, ETEK4; SL74, SL8R, SL94, SLS, CSL.

• Fits the following Tippmann models: A5 and 98. 



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